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This team is ready to roll! The are spending 40 days traveling across America to raise awareness (and money) for DIPG. Follow their journey on Instagram and YouTube. Don't forget to check out the route, get involved, and help them MAKE WAVES this summer!

*Click on the rider photos to learn more about them


Hello, my name is Keagan Finley. I am Kayne’s older brother. Before and during Kayne's diagnosis, I attended and swam for the University of Kentucky and Florida State University. Now I swim for Louisiana State University to live out Kayne's legacy since it was his dream school. I grew up in Northern Kentucky, moving to Ormond Beach, Florida when I turned 16, swimming for Daytona Beach Speed. I became friends with Zach Major and Robby Larson through swimming at Northern Kentucky Clippers. Cycling across America has always been a major dream of Zach's and mine. Now we have a passionate reason and purpose to do it. This program will benefit everyone who gets involved. My brother strived to inform people of how rare his brain cancer (DIPG) was; how detrimental, lethal, and sad it was while inspiring others, including me, along the way. Kayne would want nothing more than for us to be spreading the word of God and awareness of DIPG. I hope you enjoy "riding" alongside this journey with us and are touched by my family’s and friends’ faith and story.

I am the program director and lead rider and want to connect with you.  Please contact me and let's make waves together.

Instagram: @nkeaganfinley

CAA Headshot - Zach Major.jpg

Hello! My name is Zach Major. I am a senior at the University of Kentucky, with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist. Growing up in Northern Kentucky, I was good friends with and swam on the same team as Kayne and Keagan. Our families are close, so I have numerous memories of family vacation together to Myrtle Beach, and to visiting The Finleys in Florida. These are memories I will cherish forever. I am so excited to be embarking on this journey! I strive everyday to have Jesus Christ at the center of my life, and I pray through Him that the Cannonballs Across America program can make the name of Jesus more known, create nationwide awareness for pediatric brain cancers like DIPG, and provide pivotal funding for research that will give families hope. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and giving. See you on the road!

I am the church outreach coordinator for Cannonballs Across America. If you and your church would like to get involved, please send me a message.

Instagram: @majorz81


Hi everyone!! I am Justin Crew. I just recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where I received a degree in Accounting and was a member of the swim team. I am Kendra's brother and am very excited to have Keagan as a future brother-in-law. I am extremely honored to be a part of this journey across America. I am inspired everyday of the strength, selflessness, and courage of Kayne and I am so proud to be able to help raise awareness to DIPG. Every pedal stroke on this journey is another step in the right direction to be able to help all those battling this horrendous disease. I look forward to continuing Kayne's legacy and making waves!

Instagram: @the_jcrew


Hi friends. I am Kendra Crew!  I’m a former competitive swimmer turned public accountant, and also Keagan’s fiancé.


I grew up swimming in Springfield, OH for the Springfield Family YMCA (SPY) and graduated from Shawnee High School.  I continued swimming in college for the University of Kentucky, where I graduated in the class of 2017, with degrees in accounting and management.

I am honored to be along for the ride in the Cannonballs Across America program and proud of the work the Cannonballs Team has accomplished thus far in raising awareness, funding research, and carrying out the legacy of Kayne. Though my time knowing Kayne was short, his grace, strength and exemplary service to God and to the DIPG community, left an everlasting impression. I hope you will consider joining us to help make waves for pediatric brain cancer and fight for those who cannot now and in future generations.


Instagram: @kendracrew

2019-03-30 17.43.10.jpg

Hello, my name is Jack Laughlin. Originally from Wisconsin, I began swimming when I was 6 for the Howard Suamico Storm-Breakers before moving to Daytona Beach when I was 13. While swimming for Daytona Beach Speed, I met both Kayne and Keagan. This eventually led to my parents and I becoming very close friends of the Finley family. Kayne and I graduated the same year in 2017.


I am a lifeguard for Volusia County and currently attend Loyola University-New Orleans in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management with a minor in Forensic Science. I am excited to be participating as a team member on this journey and doing my part to carry on Kayne's story.


Instagram: @jaughlin

CAA Photo_edited.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Robby Larson. I am currently a Neuroscience major at the University of Kentucky. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and video games. What made me want to be a part of Cannonballs Across America program was the exponential potential to educate and raise money for children, teens and adults with DIPG. When our idea creator, Zach Major, came to me about joining the program, I knew I could not say no.

I am the swim club outreach coordinator for Cannonballs Across America. If you and your swim team would like to get involved, please reach out to me.

Instagram: @robby_larson1

Starting now we invite you to join our f

Ever since I can remember, my brother Keagan has loved to ride bicycles. My mom says he took his training wheels off before he was 4-years-old.

As I got older, Keagan and I would ride together more and more. I’ll never forget the times we would ride up to the strip mall, goof around some and then head back home. We’d race each other, do silly stuff at the apartments and laugh about it later. He always seemed to win. I didn’t mind. We were both competitive. We shared brotherly love. 

Swimming brought us closer together in more ways than I can express. Our sibling rivalry never seemed to get in the way of our athletic endeavors. We each had strengths and talents. Mental fortitude being one of those traits we both possessed and he still does. 

Fast forward and I am not able to physically ride my bike anymore. I experienced a different kind endurance ride. Honestly, one for the history books. I am thankful for those who know my story and continue to support what I started. 

I am grateful for how Keagan and our friends, our bros, have taken up my cause and are doing something amazing from it. The pain and challenges they will encounter when riding their bicycles across America will have similarities to what I faced while living with DIPG brain cancer. I believe they are up for the task. I believe good will come of it. I believe in this program. I believe in my friends. I believe the Cannonballs Across America program will continue year-over-year, growing and raising awareness and $1M. I believe it will MAKE WAVES for DIPG!

Above all, I believe God will be with them on their ride and so will I. Watching over them and keeping them safe. Giving them the strength they need to continue and press on when they feel like giving up. With God there is always a way! 

I am the inspiration and guardian angel for Cannonballs Across America. I am the original Cannonballer. If you would like to get involved, I encourage you to do so. Reach out to my brother Keagan and he will hook you up. Godspeed and God bless! 

Instagram: @cannonballsforkayne

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